Proposals for Journals

Clifford welcomes suggestions for new journals or transferring of existing journals. In order to be able to assess your needs, we ask you to provide us a journal proposal focusing on the following aspects:


• Background and rationale: please provide an overview of how the journal will stand out? Is the journal complementary or gap-filling?

• Aims and scope: please describe the aims of the journal and scope of targeted disciplines.

• Editorial board: please include a list of the proposed editorial board with names and affiliations. Comment on the composition and role of the Board, in light of the international readership. How does the Board represent the scope and interests of the journal?

• Related publications: please provide a short list of any competing, overlapping or related journals and a short statement about how this journal differs from them.

• Production: please provide an overview of the publication frequency, number of articles per issue, number of pages per issue, and launch date.


Please contact our Editorial Staff at to discuss your journal proposals.